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What surgery can be used to eliminate eye bags or dark circles?

11 November 2021

What surgery can be used to eliminate eye bags or dark circles?

An oculoplasty is an extremely delicate operation that both men and women can undergo. It is one of those surgeries that also leaves no scars which is also why it is so popular. There are times when eye bag/dark circle surgery becomes inevitable for many. The eyes are weighed down, tired, and the person no longer feels at ease with themselves.

At the end of the day, as a plastic surgeon, I believe that the focus of any laser treatment or surgery is to give something back to the client that they have lost in themselves, from self-esteem to beauty.

It is safe to say that the final result is that of a newfound youthfulness precisely in the most important area of the face: the eyes and the surrounding area. My expertise in the service of periocular aesthetics is a kind of chemistry. On the one hand, capillary knowledge and skill is necessary, but on the other hand, the goal of every incision is precisely the intangible restoration of time. Creating rejuvenation is the primary focus of the eye bag/dark circle surgical intervention.

When to evaluate eye bags/dark circle surgery

Eye bag/eye circle surgery is to be evaluated in all cases where one sees themselves as tired. The eyes have become droopy and in the lower eyelid there is a slight or major fat accumulation that weighs down the eyes. Women and men who come to me and wish to have the eye bag/dark circle surgery notice a substantial loss of tone in the under eyelid area.

Most often, this happens because of a predisposition, but it is also due to advanced age and fatiguing use of eyesight that contribute to the deterioration of the lower eyelid. Those who decide to have eye bag/dark circle surgery want a more relaxed look and especially want to eliminate dark patches in the area under the eye.

These are present because of a natural degeneration of the tissue, as a result of excessive fat accumulation, which tends to create swelling right at the lacrimal groove. Improving this periocular portion is the goal of the eye bag/dark eye circle surgery.

How the Eye Bag/Dark Circle Surgery is Performed

Transconjunctival blepharoplasty or eye bag/dark circles surgery requires an internal incision which is then completely invisible on the outside of the eyelid and on the face allowing for no visible scarring. This is the primary reason clients choose to have the procedure. On a technical level, it does not cut into the skin of the face externally.

Once the eyelid is cut internally, the surgery aims to remove that excess fat that has settled in the lacrimal groove. The operation is done under local anesthesia and there is no need for post-operative medication.

When having surgery, one should always be aware of the postoperative course which in some ways will affect normal daily and work routines. In the case of eye bag/dark circle surgery, this postoperative course is really short and the patient will soon be able to resume his or her activities.

Deciding to have eye bag/dark eye circle surgery means definitively eliminating those deep signs of fatigue that go along with ageing. And that is perhaps why the surgery is in such high demand.

The results of the Eye Bags/Dark Circle Surgery

Those who undergo eye bag/dark circle surgery rediscover the ease of a radiant face and a refreshed appearance, finally free of the signs of fatigue. The eyes look rejuvenated and the eye area regains an unimagined radiance.

When I explain the procedure to my clients, and show them the pictures of those who have already undergone the surgery, all their doubts disappear. The results are guaranteed and the commitment of the surgery is very minimal, compared to many other surgeries. 

No external scar is left after the operation, only the natural smoothness of the skin, which now no longer creates unaesthetic signs between the tear trough and the beginning of the cheek. Eye bag/dark circle surgery allows the surgical scar to be positioned on the inside of the eyelid and this is very important to know. There will never be any visible signs of the operation.

The results are of the highest standard and people who have undergone this surgery have immediately benefited from a major rejuvenation. It is not only the eye area that is improved, but the whole person gains youthfulness as a result of the eye bag/dark circle surgery.

When time marks the facial features and when one no longer recognizes oneself in the mirror, that is when periocular aesthetics can help a person find themself again.

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