Laser Treatments


The use of lasers in aesthetic medicine to treat or improve defects and aesthetic or functional imperfections is increasing. This because lasers are not very invasive, guarantee a great precision, short recovery and few contraindications. In our structure, we use many technologies – e.g. IPL, CO2, ND-YAG – to treat and correct different types of imperfections and pathologies in order to satisfy all our patients’ needs and requests.

Laser CO2 It vaporises the water contained in our cells. Due to its sophisticated technology, AcuPulse – the ultrapulse laser created by Lumenis – provides fast and deep tissue ablation with great precision and maximum power without damaging or burning the areas next to the treated one.

Skin resurfacing

In case of damaged or not so elastic skin, the CO2 laser can reduce surface imperfections and give a younger and fresher look. The laser eliminates all superficial layers of the skin allowing the formation of new tissue that will give the skin a healthier and more tonic aspect.

Lips/eyas/face wrinkles

The CO2 laser allow a lifting effect by increasing the elastic tension of the skin and stimulating the formation of collagen. Wrinkles are reduced and the tone and elasticity of the skin improved after just one treatment.

Warts - Fibroids

The laser allows us to treat and eliminate warts and fibroids once and for all and with no pain as well as limit the risk of relapses. The CO2 pulse laser allows us to establish the depth required to remove the lesion and reach with extreme precision the base of the wart without damaging the healthy tissues below.


The CO2 laser guarantees an effective and excellent removal of any kind of keratosis, which are most commonly visible as dry brown irregular skin spots

Acne/hypertrophic scars

The CO2 laser allows us to eliminate or reduce effectively any kind of scar in just one or two appointments.