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Dr. Luca Piombino is one of the few
selected partners of the JOY®
by Motiva® program.

Only the best national and international
surgeons can be part of the JOY®
program designed by Motiva®.

JOY® by Motiva® is the first comprehensive
program for women who want the best
solution for their breast augmentation.

Luca Piombino, a specialist in plastic,
reconstructive and aesthetic surgery,
offers the exclusive program JOY® by
Motiva® dedicated to women and their desires.

JOY® is a comprehensive program for natural
and long-lasting results that focuses on the
health of the woman. It includes a very high
standard for quality and safety, innovative implants,
smaller scars, exclusive warranty programs, the
option to remove implants, and membership to
the Motiva® community.

Experience breast augmentation in a completely new way.
Discover the innovative breast augmentation procedure
performed by Dr. Luca Piombino, a partner of the JOY®
by Motiva® program.
Soft and compact, Motiva® breast implants are designed to adapt and follow the
natural movements of each patient to perfection. Ergonomix2® is a uniquely advanced implant that is smooth, softer
and safer. It has improved mechanical properties thanks to the innovations of Motiva® SuperSilicones®, TrueMonobloc+™
 and BluSeal+®, along with the distinctive safety features of Motiva®: SmoothSilk®/SilkSurface®, ProgressiveGel Ultima® and
the Qid®, a device that contains information about the implants.
Safety features
New formula for enhanced ergonomy with improved mechanical properties.
A proprietary multi-layer system unifying the implant’s structure and allowing it to bend and squeeze.
A lightly tinted, blue barrier layer, made with biocompatible dyes to allow for its pre-surgical visual inspection.
A gel with a unique set of rheological properties that provides a better adaptation to movement than other silicone gels tested, resembling the mobility of natural tissue.
A controlled advanced smooth surface that improves biocompatibility.
Qid® is battery-free and passive radiofrequency identification device that safely stores the serial number and related information about your implants.
Natural feel
even to the

Made using cutting-edge technologies,
Ergonomix2® are advanced implants that
are more elastic and smooth, that mimic
the natural movement of breast tissue in
both appearance and in sensation. They
are equipped with the latest generation gel
and filled 100% to prevent the formation of
folds and provide a natural appearance.

Ergonomix2® are designed specifically to
follow your body movements with a
softness significantly greater than other
implants on the market.

Dr. Piombino offers results that are
unique and personalized
Motiva®'s JOY® program provides increased safety, improved movement,
softness to the touch and unique results. Thanks to his years of experience,
Dr. Piombino helps his patients achieve the breasts they desire, designing them
down to the smallest details.
Safety, innovation and patient-centeredness.
Whenever possible from a medical point of
view, Dr. Piombino makes smaller incisions
to allow for a faster and more comfortable
recovery, decreasing
postoperative risk and leaving minimal
scarring (of about 2.5 cm).
Hybrid breast augmentation combines
Motiva® implants with grafts of purified fat
taken from other parts of the body that you
want to slim down. This technique can be
discussed with Dr. Piombino during
Motiva Woman’s
Choice Program®

Traditionally, breast augmentation is seen
as a lifelong commitment. Some women
will keep their implants for forever, while
others may not.

Once again, Motiva® has decided to
challenge the rules giving more power of
choice to the patient, supporting her even
financially through the new Motiva
Woman's Choice Program®.

If desired, each woman in the JOY® has the
option of removing the Ergonomix2®
implants, regardless of the reason, and to
receive financial aid for the procedure for
up to 5 years after implantation.

With JOY®, for 5 years from the time the breast augmentation was performed, it is
possible to receive financial help in the unlikely event that a problem related to the implants
occurs and in the event that a procedure is necessary for revision surgery due to
capsular contracture or rupture.

- Always Confident Warranty® and Product
Replacement Policy for capsular
contracture, Baker III and IV grades, for a
period of 5 years.

- Motiva® Extended Warranty® (included
only with JOY®)

- Extended 5-year warranty for Motiva®
implants with an identification system
using radio frequency identification (RFID).

- This warranty offers financial assistance
of up to US$2,500 in the unlikely event of
capsular contracture or rupture.

Dr. Piombino, as a JOY®
surgeon, supports patients
very step of the way

Motiva® has designed a unique digital
platform that guides patients through
every step of the way: from designing the
results you want to achieve to post surgery
and every other aspect of the surgery. On
the Motiva.health platform, one can find all
the information one needs to choose safely
and become part of the community JOY® of

On the Motiva.health platform, you can
find all the information you need to choose
safely and become part of the JOY® by
Motiva® community.

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