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Mommy makeover

What is this?
The term “mommy makeover” refers to a series of surgeries done together to give a woman the figure she had before having her baby. The type and number of surgeries varies depending on each case and is tailor-made for the needs of each woman. Talking with the patient is paramount to understand her desired outcome and the areas to improve/rejuvenate as well her goals, possible surgery options available, and benefits.
The common types of surgeries are:
Breast augmentation
Breast Lift
Breast Reduction
Circumferential Abdominoplasty
BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift)
Intimate area rejuvenation
mommy makeover
Why undergo this surgery?
After pregnancy, many women see significant changes in their body. Sometimes a diet and physical activity are not enough to recover the desired physical shape. The parts of the body most involved by these issues are:
- the abdomen where there will be stretch marks and loss of tone;
- the breast that may lose volume, seem not so firm and even experience a change in position;
- areas of the body in which fat tissue has accumulated.
A Mommy makeover can help to contrast these undesired changes by combining the most appropriate procedures to give them their desired physical shape, help them feel better about their body, improve their wellbeing and self-confidence. The targets of the procedure may include:
- correct breast ptosis and/or loss in breast volume;
- correct diastasis recti;
- reduce fat tissue and lipodystrophy;
- remodel areas that need to be improved.
What needs to be done before surgery?
Due to the specific characteristics of this surgery approach, - that require more surgeries – the specialist examination is paramount. The patient will be carefully assessed and it will be necessary to take into account the possibility of performing all surgeries at the same time. Another fundamental aspect is when to undergo a mommy makeover. It is fundamental that patients have fully recovered from their last pregnancy and that they have finished breast feeding – indeed, it may be necessary to wait several months from the last breastfeeding. Moreover, it is better to undergo a mommy makeover after one has decided not to have other pregnancies in the short term.
How is the surgery performed?
Women who undergo a mommy makeover have different personal expectations. Therefore, a mommy makeover may require different kinds of surgeries and different procedures. Depending on each case, a deep sedation or general anaesthesia may be required. It may be a day surgery although often one or more days of hospitalization could be required.
What happens after the operation?
Since a mommy makeover is a kind of surgery personalised depending on each patient’s need and targets, recovery will vary from case to case. Generally, recovery occurs after 1-2 weeks during which patients will need to be helped in their daily activities. Patients will start feeling more at ease with their physical condition within three months. However, some swelling may last even more than 6 months. The final outcome will be visible after about a year. After surgery, it is not advisable to carry heavy weights and do intense physical activity for 6 weeks.
After a mommy makeover, the doctor could prescribe some painkillers that should be taken strictly according to the doctor’s indications. Do not drive when taking these painkillers. Moreover, patients may need to take antibiotics or undergo specific treatments, which will vary depending on each patient.
Complete healing requires over one year. The risk of permanent scarring depends on the kind of surgery, which will be discussed during the first visit with the surgeon.
Women who undergo a mommy makeover will experience a significant increase in self-confidence and feel proud of their appearance. The final outcome will be visible only after complete recovery and when all swellings will disappear. This may take 6 to 12 months. Furthermore, we must bear in mind that a healthy lifestyle with a nutritionally balanced diet and regular physical activity are paramount to guarantee a long lasting result.
What are the possible risks?
The surgeon will explain in detail all risks associated with mommy makeover that vary depending on the selected treatments. Among these, there are bleeding, infections, poo wound healing, hematomas, seromas, loss of nipple sensitivity, impossibility to breastfeed, implant rupture, capsular contraction, scars, fat necrosis, asymmetries, persistent pain, recurrent skin relaxation, silhouette imperfections, fat embolization, deep venous thrombosis and risks associated with anesthesia. The surgeon will ask the patient to sign an informed consent to ensure she has clearly understood the kind of treatments she is undergoing and the possible risks and complications. One factor that may increase risks is tobacco smoking that reduces blood circulation, thus delaying wound healing. This may lead to a significant increase in the risk of several complications. That is why it is necessary to stop smoking at least 4 weeks before undergoing a mommy makeover and to continue for another 4 weeks after surgery. The healthiest choice is to take this opportunity to stop smoking once and for all.
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