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Mastopexy – Lifting or Breast Lifting

It restores harmony, shape, volume and correct position to sagging breasts.

Mastopexy is a cosmetic surgery aimed at lifting and reshaping the breast, counteracting breast ptosis (sag of the breast) and emptying of the breast tissue due to factors such as pregnancy, breastfeeding, loss of skin elasticity and gravity. The procedure restores shape and position to the breasts, which can lose firmness and volume over the years.

Mastopexy is suitable for women who wish to lift sagging breasts or change their shape and size, including those of the areola. The mastopexy can be performed with or without prosthesis, depending on the patient's needs. The prosthesis is recommended to increase breast volume or restore it if it has been lost, for example after pregnancy or weight loss. It is also possible to combine the network of GalaFlex, capable of giving greater support to the breasts, thus offering a more lasting result over time.

Benefits of mastopexy

  1. Improved aesthetics: Gives the breasts a more youthful shape, improving the overall appearance.
  2. Lifting of the areola: The operation allows the areola to be relocated to a higher position, making the breast more harmonious.
  3. Combination with other procedures: Mastopexy can be associated with breast augmentation (with insertion of prosthesis) or reduction breast surgery, obtaining personalized and balanced results.
  4. Restoring self-esteem and confidence: Better-looking breasts can increase self-confidence and psychological well-being.

Types of intervention

Mastopexy can be performed with different techniques, depending on the type of ptosis and the structure of the breast:

  1. Inverted T incision: Two incisions, one vertical from the areola downwards and one horizontal in the inframammary fold. Ideal for breasts with marked excess skin and pronounced sagging.
  2. Vertical incision: One incision in a circle around the areola and one vertical downwards, forming a lollipop-shaped scar (lollipop lift). Suitable for breasts with limited sag.
  3. Periareolar Incision: A circular incision around the areola to remove excess skin and tissue, reshape and relocate the areola. Ideal for cases of light ptosis.

In some of these techniques, breast implants can be inserted to add volume to the breast, combining a mastopexy with a breast augmentation.

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Why is the intervention used?
Mastopexy allows you to lift the breasts, improve their shape and correct any blemishes that appear after pregnancy, breastfeeding or weight loss or during aging. In fact, the increase in the volume and weight of the breast can significantly stretch the skin, subjecting it to significant mechanical stress. The subsequent reduction of the breast leaves the skin emptied and without the elasticity necessary to adapt to the new volume of the breast; the deep connective structures can become damaged, contributing to skin laxity, and stretch marks can appear. Aging can, however, promote ptosis of the breast, contributing to the loss of elasticity and firmness of the skin.
What should be done before the surgery?
Before surgery it is necessary to wait at least 6 months from the end of the last breastfeeding. If the patient follows a diet, it is necessary to wait until the pre-established weight is reached and ensure its stability. You may need to have a mammogram.
How is the surgery performed?
Mastopexy surgery can be performed as a day hospital or requiring hospitalization for one night. It is conducted under general anesthesia and lasts between 90 minutes and 3 hours. There are two broad types of intervention. The breast lift without implants involves lifting the areola, nipple and gland upwards and reshaping the shape of the breasts. The breast augmentation involves the insertion of breast implants to increase the size of the breast and improve its shape.
What happens after the operation?
After mastopexy it is necessary to undergo check-ups to carry out dressings and remove stitches. Sometimes, at the time of discharge, a moderately compressive dressing is applied. Additionally, wearing a compression bra for two months may be recommended. The swelling and bruising, which may appear, are completely normal and will subside as the days go by. After the third day the patient will be able to return to carrying out her daily activities, but avoiding any type of effort. 7-10 days after the operation it will be possible to resume work, as long as it is not excessively tiring, while for sporting activities it will be advisable to wait at least 3-4 weeks.
Painkillers can be administered before surgery and then gradually reduced during the postoperative period. Additionally, antibiotics may be prescribed.
The scars?
The breast lift without implants, performed with the round-block technique, involves making a single incision around the areola. Over time the scar becomes less and less visible. Sometimes, however, more evident scars may remain, called inverted T or J-shaped scars, associated with operations that require larger corrections, which involve making both an incision around the areola and a vertical incision in the lower part of the breast. The latter reaches up to the breast fold, where it joins with a third incision that runs along the entire fold, reaching, in some cases, up to under the arms.
The results?
Immediately after surgery, your breasts may appear excessively lifted and swollen, but in the following weeks they will take on the desired shape. Except in rare cases, even the sensitivity of the areola-nipple complex, which may initially be significantly reduced, will return to almost normal after a few months.
What are the possible risks?
Mastopexy surgery is associated with the risk of hematomas, infections, wound problems, alterations in sensitivity, unsatisfactory healing outcomes, localized indurations, asymmetries and total or partial loss of the nipple-areola complex. However, it does not alter the possibility of breastfeeding.
Cost and before to after photographs
When asked about costs, it is impossible to give a price or even an estimate. All breast augmentation procedures are customized for each patient, and costs vary depending on the type of implants chosen, the clinic selected, the complexity of the operation and other factors. Therefore, I cannot reply via email or WhatsApp on how much the surgery costs without having carried out a specialist visit. As for the before and after results, I invite you to view my page Instagram.
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