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Lip lift

What is a Lip Lift?
A lip lift is a plastic surgery procedure that shortens the prolabium through a small incision in order to permanently improve the projection of the upper lip.
By shortening the distance of the prolabium, the upper lip is raised increasing the width of the vermilion that is erected and lifted making the lips more prominent and fuller.
A lip lift is particularly suitable for those who have thin lips and wish to have them more prominent and defined, or for those who have a particularly long prolabium and wish for more harmony in their facial features.
It is also a suitable procedure for those who have a normal distance but wish to have more defined lips without having to resort to hyaluronic acid fillers. If, however, in addition to increasing the visibility of the vermilion you also want to increase the volume of the lips, you can still undergo lip filler treatment.
lip lift
Why is the procedure performed?
A lip lift is a surgical procedure that aims to shorten the prolabium through a small incision, which over time becomes imperceptible, permanently improving the projection of the upper lip and the visibility of the vermilion. Shortening the distance therefore results in a shorter prolabium creating improved facial harmony.
What needs to be done before surgery?
It is necessary to undergo an examination with the surgeon so that he can assess whether there is the right indication for the procedure.
How is the surgery performed?
The surgery is performed in Day Surgery under local anesthesia and lasts about 20 minutes. An incision is made inside the nostrils and at the base of the columella in order to shorten the prolabium through the removal of a small portion of tissue. The vermilion is then raised making the lip more prominent.
What happens after the operation?
One week after the operation, the surgeon will remove the stitches and dress the incision. Resumption of work activity is immediate.
In the first few postoperative days, the presence of mild pain, swelling, redness and bruising of the treated area will be normal.
Scarring, within the nostrils and at the base of the columella, will be completely unnoticeable after healing about a year after the surgery.
The optimal result will be appreciable 2 weeks after surgery, although it depends on several factors such as the healing capacity of each patient and adherence to the postoperative instructions given by the surgeon, such as refraining from sun exposure until the scars are completely stabilized.
What are the possible risks?
This surgical procedure has a few possible complications, although very rare: hematoma and bleeding, infection, delayed healing of the surgical wound, and hypertrophic scarring.
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