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Brow Lift

What is it?
A brow lift is a type of surgery that allows one to lift up the side of the eyebrows to give a more open and radiant look without changing the shape of the eye. A tired and weary look, wrinkles around the eyes or a drooping eyelid may not be linked to excessive skin in the eyelid, but rather to a drooping eyebrow. The brow lift is often associated with blepharoplasty.
lifting del sopracciglio
Why undergo this surgery?
Eyebrows can be drooping due to congenital anatomic anomaly or to the ageing process. The issue can even make the eyebrow obstruct the upper eyelid region.
Specialist Examination
An accurate visit before surgery is paramount to establish both the technique and whether or not to associate it to other kinds of the surgery, e.g. an upper blepharoplasty. The examination foresees to establish the position of the eyebrow, any possible asymmetries and characteristics of the forehead and eyelids. Apart from evaluating the presence of any contraindications for the surgery, the doctor will talk with the patient about his/her expectations, the possible solutions and outcomes.
How is the surgery performed?
The brow lift can be direct or indirect. The former implies raising the eyebrow over its entire length or only in its lateral portion through an incision on part of the skin above the eyebrow. The latter, instead, foresees incisions on the temples. In this way, we can extend only the tail of the eyebrow and – at the same time – lift the skin located on the side of the eye. The surgery can even be made endoscopically. The selected technique depends on how severe the issue is and on the patient’s characteristics, such as age, hairline and type of skin. The surgery is generally under local anaesthesia with sedation. Dismissal may occur even after a few hours.
What happens after the operation?
A medication is applied for 48-72 hours. The stitches are removed after 5 days. The surgery may cause a light oedema from the forehead to the eyelid. The area may become more sensitive for a couple of months and there may be some bruises that can be hidden by using some make-up.
The use of any specific type of medication is not indicated.
In case of a direct lift, there will be a linear scar along the upper margin of the eyebrow, difficult to notice as covered by the eyebrow. In the worst case, it will look like a wrinkle. In case of indirect lift, the scars will be hidden by the hair.
A brow lift rejuvenates one’s look by eliminating all excessive skin, repositioning muscles and tissues below and giving one’s face a smoother look. The face expression is less frowning, the eyes are brighter, all for the benefit of one’s self-esteem. The results last for many years.
What are the possible risks?
The main issue is the risk of relapse – i.e. the newly drooping eyebrows – and possible asymmetries. In either case, it is possible to undergo corrective surgery under local anaesthesia.
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