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Breast Revision

What is this?
Breast revision is a type of surgery that allows the remodelling of the breast of those patients who are not satisfied with the outcome of a previous reduction or additive mastoplasty.
breast revision
Why undergo this surgery?
There are many reasons why one may want to undergo a breast revision due to a previous breast surgery including the following:
- an aesthetically unsatisfying outcome;
- breast asymmetry;
- excessive scar tissue;
- the need to change no longer suitable implants;
- an implant that has moved, ruptured or undergone other kinds of changes;
- a capsular contraction, i.e. the thickening of the capsule naturally formed around the implant after it has been inserted;
- the wish to have bigger or smaller implants, or implants with better characteristics;
- the wish to remove the implants.
The reasons for returning to the surgeon are not always linked to bad results. We should not forget that our bodies change with time and that implants do not last forever.
Specialist examination
During the specialist examination, the surgeon will assess the patient’s physical conditions, listen to her expectations and inform her about the available options.
What needs to be done before surgery?
A breast revision cannot be made before at least 6 months from the previous breast surgery. A breast scan is advisable.
How is the surgery performed?
The kind of surgery foreseen for a breast revision varies depending on the kind of correction required and the targets established by the patients together with the surgeon. Sometimes, more than one surgery is required.
The options include:
- inserting fat to correct possible asymmetries or irregular shape or volume;
- replace the implants in case of severe contraction, rupture or if the patient wants an increase in volume;
- remake or change in the position of the nipple and areola;
- breast lift (mastopexy) in case of breast ptosis.
What happens after the operation?
Recovery time for a breast revision surgery varies from 1 to 2 weeks. Return to normal work activities after 7-10 days. However, one should avoid any intense physical activity or carrying/lifting weights for 4-6 weeks. Swelling and increased sensitivity are common. The use of a sports bra helps to achieve a fast recovery.
Painkillers can be taken for the pain associated with the surgery. Antibiotics may even be prescribed.
Breast revision may foresee further incisions on the previous scars.
The final outcome of the surgery will be visible after the swelling has finally disappeared. This may require up to 6 months.
What are the possible risks?
Breast revision surgery is considered safe, but as in every kind of surgery there might be some complications such as scars, infections, seromas, haematomas, loss of sensitivity in the nipple, implant rupture or capsular contraction.
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