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Breast Augmentation with Autologous Fat

What is it?
Breast augmentation by autologous fat transfer is a procedure suitable for patients who desire moderate breast augmentation with a completely natural solution, without prosthetic foreign bodies (implants). It is necessary for the patient to have a sufficient amount of fat to allow harvesting in good condition. It should be emphasized that this procedure does not offer optimal results in patients with breast ptosis (sagging of the breasts).
mastoplastica con grasso autologo
Why is the procedure performed?
A mastoplasty with autologous fat is suitable in cases where moderate breast volume augmentation is desired without the use of breast implants.
It is a procedure reserved for women who have a certain accumulation of fat on the thighs, hips, or abdomen so that it can be harvested.
What needs to be done before surgery?
As with any other surgical procedure, it is essential to undergo an initial consultation with the plastic surgeon in which doubts and concerns will be addressed, exactly how the operation is performed, and what are all the options and possibilities suitable for one's case. The consultation is non-binding and offers the opportunity to receive all information and satisfy any curiosity regarding the surgical and post-surgical program, medications to be taken, tests and examinations to be performed, and costs.
How is the surgery performed?
Before the suction procedure, a solution is injected into the area of the body to be treated. The injected solution consists of a saline solution, a local anesthetic drug and a drug that causes vasoconstriction in order to reduce blood loss during the procedure. We then proceed with an incision of a few millimeters and the insertion of a cannula at the subcutaneous level. Fat and fluid are then removed through a suction system. After the suction procedure is finished, disinfection, medication and the placement of compression bandages that reduce postoperative swelling are performed.

The harvested fat collected is immediately processed and infiltrated into the breast in order to recreate roundness and increase breast volume.

The procedure is performed under general anesthesia and lasts about 2 hours. Finally, a bandage is applied to the breasts, which once removed is replaced by a soft bra.
What happens after the operation?
Normally, discharge occurs the same day. After liposuction, it’s normal to experience a buildup of fluid in the operated area and for the body part to appear swollen and sore for a few days. For this reason, especially in the case of liposuction of large areas, it is advisable to perform specific massages of the areas in order to drain any fluid accumulation. The breasts may also be swollen and sore; this is normal.

The compression garments recommended by the doctor during the first visit will be worn immediately. The garment will be worn day and night for about two months. For the first 6 to 7 days you will need to take it easy and not overexert yourself. After this period you can resume your normal life, however, still avoiding exercise for at least a month. After about 24 hours, the wound is dressed, the compression bandage is removed and compression stockings, girdles or shorts are applied, as appropriate.

After leg liposuction, it is recommended to start moving immediately after surgery to promote blood circulation and fluid reabsorption. Movement is restricted by bandages, which are then removed in favor of compression stockings. In the early postoperative phase, a sensation of breast swelling, stiffness and pain, discomfort and fatigue will be normal. At approximately one month after surgery, postoperative follow-up photos will be taken and periodic check-ups will then be scheduled.
In order to reduce postoperative pain, anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving drugs will be prescribed. In order to reduce the risk of infection, the patient will be given antibiotic therapy.
Residual scars are only a few millimeters and are therefore unnoticeable or otherwise of little aesthetic significance.
The result of the surgery depends on several factors: the patient's initial clinical condition, the patient's ability to heal, and adherence to the postoperative instructions given by the surgeon, especially avoiding inappropriate movements. The final breast profile will be visible after 4-6 weeks, but the results and benefits will be appreciable right away. It should be mentioned that some of the infiltrated fat will be lost over time (about 30%) and in cases of very athletic people, this percentage may increase.
What are the possible risks?
Complications of the surgery are rare but possible: hematoma and bleeding, infection, seroma, and poor healing. In some cases, temporary alteration of skin sensitivity may occur. It may sometimes occur that the skin appears uneven, wrinkled, or cracked due to uneven fat removal and poor skin elasticity. These imperfections may also be permanent.
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