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The Blog of Dr. Luca Piombino MD

Years of experience in the national and international field
available to potential patients to deal with every
surgery or aesthetic medicine treatment
with greater awareness and proper preparation.
Blog of Dr. Luca Piombino
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Dr. Luca Piombino, cosmetic surgeon
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To my readers and readers,
This blog was born from the desire to help patients
to orient themselves in the varied world of medicine
aesthetics and plastic surgery, a world in
continuous technical and scientific evolution.

I want to make my expertise available
as a specialist in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
and Aesthetics and the years of experience in the field
national and international, to support the
potential patients in dealing with each intervention
surgical or aesthetic medicine treatment with
greater awareness and proper preparation.

Whether it is a breast augmentation or lip fillers, liposculpture or a treatment
laser, I try to provide the information in a simple way
fundamental information for a correct approach
to the operation, updating the reader on the new ones
medical techniques and methodologies.
dr. Luca Piombino, cosmetic surgeon
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This blog, however, in no way replaces a preliminary visit to the plastic surgeon.

Only through it, in fact, can an aesthetic medicine treatment or surgery be evaluated, starting from the patient's medical history and passing through the study of his morphology.

An accurate examination is, in fact, the basis of the planning of any intervention and only a skilled plastic surgeon will be able to evaluate whether the right physical and anatomical conditions are present for a specific treatment or
recommend a different operation.

The purpose of plastic surgery is, in my opinion, to enhance the patient's innate beauty, and this is only possible through careful planning of the operation, respecting the harmony of the face and the proportions of the body.

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