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BELKYRA® is a non-surgical treatment for the elimination of a double chin.
It is a synthetic drug that mimics the behavior of deoxycholic acid, a substance that degrades fat. BELKYRA® has a cytolytic action, meaning that it ruptures the membrane of the fat cell when injected, resulting in "dissolving" the fat, which is then reabsorbed and eliminated by the body.
Generally, local anesthesia is not required. The number of injections required depends on each patient's needs and goals; it is estimated that 12 to 20 small injections per visit are sufficient for most patients, performed in 2-3 sessions, to achieve optimal results. Each session is performed, on average, one month apart. Patients with advanced cases of double chin may require up to 50 injections per session with appointments as often as every two weeks. Sessions in these cases can be as many as 6.
The result of the treatment is long-lasting, as long as you maintain a healthy lifestyle and do not gain weight in the treated area.
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Dr. Luca Piombino
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