Dr. Luca Piombino, M.D.

Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Luca Piombino is an internationally-accredited plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgeon.
With more than 10 years of experience and education, he now runs a successful surgical practices in Rome area. When he is not working in his own clinic, he divides his time between the Netherlands and the UK, where he helps to improve and boost the well-being and natural beauty of his patients at few leading European clinics.

Meet Dr. Piombino

Plastic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery is an important and possibly life-changing decision.
Before setting a date, think your project through and make sure you have answers to all your questions.


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addominoplastica | liposcultura | mamma makeover | brazilian butt lift | gluteoplastica | lifting braccia | lifting cosce | labioplastica | chirurgia post-bariatrica


mastoplastica attutiva | mastoplastica rifutticz | mastopessi | ginecomastia | mammella tuberosa | breast revision

Aesthetic Medicine

Aesthetic medicine are non-invasive, preventive or curing treatments aimed at improving the aspect of people,
highlighting and preserving their positive aspects as well as correcting possible imperfections that often cause social issues.

Lip remodelling





Wrinkle and furrow filling


Laser treatments

The use of lasers in aesthetic medicine to treat or improve defects and aesthetic or functional imperfections is increasing.
This because lasers are not very invasive, guarantee a great precision, short recovery and few contraindications.

Skin resurfacing

Lips/eyas/face wrinkles

Warts - Fibroids


Acne/hypertrophic scars

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